About us

BELONGin is a social startup
that helps companies become more authentic and transparent for the purpose of improving the number of females in STEM.

BELONGin funder team: Timea and Ioana. BELONGin finds authentic workplaces.
BELONGin founders. Photo Credit: Lea Fabiani

How do we do this?

We combine Design Thinking with Lean Startup to help companies & IT professionals. Visit our service pages for IT professionals and companies for more details.

We believe authenticity, transparency and a win-win approach to be key values to create sustainable solutions for our target groups.

No strings attached

At BELONGin we work to improve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Empower women in STEM
by providing transparent
& objective information
about employers.

Promote inclusive
workplaces for STEM
professionals in Austria.

Raise the number of
women in STEM in Austria.

Achieve our goals by
partnering with NGOs and organizations that can
complement our solutions.

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